Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Olympic Treatment Ideas

After the holidays rushed by, and gave me continuous treatment ideas, I found myself a little worried that St Patrick’s Day was too far away. But, alas, we have the Olympics!

So this week I have been making the Olympic symbols – you know the multicolor rings? This is an idea that can be done individually or in groups – so very versatile. Basically this activity can be tweaked towards your child’s goals or the purpose.

Activity: Olympic Rings

How: Use whatever materials you have on hand to make the Olympic rings. I have had my students cutting out the rings from construction paper, snipping strips of paper to decorate the rings, or tearing paper to color the rings.  Painting or coloring can be done. Or even, using paper plates to cut and decorate.  Also, if color-coding is a goal, precut the paper pieces, mix them in a bowl together and have the student match the pieces to the rings.
Also, I recently made a trip to Lakeshore Learning and purchased Safe and Soft Ring Toss, which kind of goes with my Olympic theme this week. So, I am using this as part of my sensorimotor groups. 

I found some other great Olympic themed treatment ideas here. And here


Friday, February 19, 2010

Well, here goes nothing....

Sitting here on a cloudy Friday afternoon, a thought came to me. Why not start a blog to keep track of my thoughts that I hurriedly scribble down in my planner, so not to forget and later cannot seem to read. As a first year practitioner, I find that I am constantly learning and would like to keep track of all of these (sometimes hard learned) lessons. I am hoping to share (and trade!) ideas about great treatment activities, cheap or free assistive technology, and other hopefully informational ramblings. My goal is for this blog to be a useful resource eventually, whenever that happens.

Stay tuned....but be patient, I've never done this before.