Saturday, October 8, 2011

Shoelace Experiment!

I was thinking about suggesting this shoelace adaptation for a student that I work with after seeing this post.    In contrast to those detailed directions, I am not planning on snipping the extra length from the laces. Having a traditional bow tie look will be important to many students. If need be I can sew the bow closed if the elastic banding won't stay put.

I have only just begun this experiment and so far I can slip these shoes on and off with ease. Pretty handy for a variety of people who have difficulties with complex tasks, like shoe-tying. 

Only problem is that now my white laces are making my "white" shoes even more dingy. Yikes. 

I found my elastic banding at Jo-Ann Fabrics AND they were on sale! It cost around $1.25 for both laces. I bought two elastic bands of 1 1/2 yards in length, which was a little bit too long.  

I hope this idea is helpful for some of your students/clients. 

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