Thursday, December 8, 2011

Snowflake Craft Ideas

Ahhhh, snowflakes. There has to be 101 different ways to make a snowflake. I am currently making 4 different versions with my students. Here are some fabulous examples for inspiration.

Old-fashioned Snowflake
I have to start with the classic folded paper cut out snowflake. It doesn't get simpler than this. There are plenty of directions/examples available online. This link is from They also suggest that you can make a card with youe snowflake as the design.

Cotton Swab Snowflake
Here is another craft from Disney's Family Fun. Here is the link for details. It uses cotton swabs, which can be purchased at the Dollar Store; what a cheap craft! I am sure there are many different ways to do a craft like this. I am thinking if you provided a template under the wax paper or plastic wrap, then your students could be more independent and successful with this task.

Snowflake Ornament
Something I have been doing with my students for years is a pipe cleaner snowflake ornament.

You need

  •  2 pipe cleaners
  • beads ( I use pony beads, only because that is what I have)
  • String
Cut the pipe cleaners in half and twist them into a snowflake pattern. Add the beads and make a knot at the end of each leg of the snowflake. Tie the string on one leg and you've got yourself a snowflake ornament.  Alphamom does a lovely job explaining a similar version here, complete with step by step pictures. Martha Stewart also has a similar craft.

Tissue Paper Snowflake
Another craft that is also simple and easily adaptable to your student's skill level. Draw the outline of a snowflake on paper in a stick-like pattern. Have your student tear small pieces of tissue paper (or pre-cut small squares) and roll into small balls, hopefully with their fingertips. Glue onto the lines of the snowflake.

Here are some other ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Have fun!

Popsicle Stick Snowflake Ornament from

Snowflake Coasters from Mad in If you can find these snowflake shapes at your local Dollar Store, then this would be a wonderful craft for students to make. Simply glue them on and have your student cut the felt. The students can give them as gifts.

Puzzle Piece Snowflake from Family Crafts at This is too cute. Love the glitter.

Toilet Paper Roll Snowflake also from Family Crafts at This would be a good two day craft, if you have the time. Great scissor practice with cutting the toilet paper rolls.

Handprint Snowflake from Too cute, good tactile craft. Sprinkle some glitter on it too!

Snowflake Activity Printouts from Scroll down until you see Snowflake Activity Sheet Printouts. She offers some ideas to turn this into a writing task. Scroll further down the page for even more snowflake ideas.


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