Thursday, March 29, 2012

Springtime activities

Hooray! Spring is here!

Now for another round of inspiration.

Fingerprint rain - Here is a little gem from All Kids Network. Your students could cut, color (with or without a stencil), or paint an umbrella. Pinch apart cotton balls for clouds. And, then make rain with fingerprints. Fun! They have an umbrella template available as well.

Tissue paper daffodil - There must be hundreds of ways to make flowers. I like a version of this daffodil, from Busy Bee Kids Crafts. Up the therapeutic value by replacing the center with small pieces of tissue, twisted on the end of an unsharpened pencil and dipped in glue. If you have time, let your student cut or tear the tissue into small squares first.
*note - after posting this, I tried it as a group activity and the step of twisting paper on the end of a pencil was very hard for the students. It required quite a bit of assistance to teach the novel task.

Paper birds - There are also many different birds that could be made. Here is another treat from All Kids. I have also seen this done with a paper plate instead of construction paper; and a yellow chick with feathers instead of a robin.

Little Lamb - I have already been making a lamb with paper reinforcer rings from the dollar store. I like this paper plate lamb from Holiday Kids Crafts. So many ways to grade this activity.

Spring Card - Spring is a good time to make cards just because. Here is an adorable bird card made from muffin liners via Inner Child Fun. Reminds me of this Ed Emberly craft book I need to start using more.

Al-righty. I guess there are more than enough ideas here to last me to Spring Break. One more week! Hope you all are well!

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