Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Assistive Tech Tuesday - Weighted pencil

I have a student who often makes light wavy strokes when writing letters. And, I thought I would try a weighted pencil. So, I made a quick trip to the hardware store and purchased a few nuts, that cost less than 10 cents each! I can't remember what size I got but just bring the pencil in with you and that'll solve that.

Once home, I wasn't really sure how to rig the pencil. I tied a rubberband around the ends of the nuts to keep them on and that seemed to do the trick.

But, once I tried it, there was no improvement. I think I'll play with the weight and the location on the pencil a bit to see if I have any luck. I looked for some research to support and guide my attempt and I was unsuccessful. Please share any EBP tips you have on this one.

When I googled weighted pencils to include some interesting links, I found this great webpage that had my idea along with other do-it-yourself projects.

And check out this super helpful pdf file compiled by an OT. It discusses many other weighted pencil options. I'm thinking about trying the China Marker.

Don't stop there because this tasty little treat is full of ideas and describes her "Handwriting Club" in great detail. So useful!

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