Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Almost St. Patrick’s Day!

Not long ago it seems I was whining about the lack of holidays for treatment inspiration. And, it seems time has crazily flown by and here we are at St. Patty’s day. I have been milking this holiday for weeks now and never got around to taking pictures of my other projects, so here is my latest one.

Leprechaun Hat - for lack of a more creative name

I precut the hat, buckle and four leaf clover. Of course, if your student is capable and there’s enough time, they may like to do it themselves.

My students cut along a ¼ inch thick line on a page that they had traced and colored a shamrock.  The piece that was cut from this page was used for the white strip on the hat. Then the students decorated the hats with small sequins that required a  precise pincer grasp to manipulate.

Here are some other great St Patrick’s day inspired ideas. And check here. 

I like this idea for a tactile component to your treatment. 
 Jello coins in a pot of gold! 


  1. Am DEFINITELY going to use that jello "Pot of Gold" idea one day! Love all your photos and will send along your blog address to some of my school OT friends. Karen

  2. Love the ideas too! Karen (the poster above) shared your blog address with me & I'm so glad she did. Keep up the great work!

  3. Thanks for your support and enthusiasm!! Please be patient with me as I get into a more consistent flow.